How You Can Overcome Every Addiction Right Now - With Ten Keys to Complete Wholeness

By Christopher Westra
Author: I Create Reality - Beyond Visualization  

The ten powerful yet simple keys to wholeness and overcoming addictions.

One.  All people want to feel whole, connected, and present.  By present I mean totally engaged in the activity of the moment, rather than disengaged and avoiding the power of the present.

Two.  Feeling completely whole, connected, and present, your internal energy will guard you from all addiction!  Wholeness remains the only true cure for all addictions.

Three.  When fragmented, separate, and living in the split consciousness of linear time, you will find an addiction.  All addictions represent strivings for wholeness!

Four.  Addiction has absolutely nothing to do with substances or activities.  Gambling, sex, food, drugs, overspending, and so on merely fill you temporarily as you strive for wholeness.  Addiction depends on your wholeness or fragmentation, connectedness or separateness, and whether you live in holographic time or linear time.  

Five.  While in this life, we experience fragmentation, separateness, and the illusion of linear time.  These experiences, if we let them, teach us about the true realities of oneness, unity, and the power of the eternal now. All experiences can lead you to your true power, and your mission and purpose in life!

Six.  A spirit of acceptance and gratitude lead us from fragmentation into wholeness, from separateness into unity, and from discontent into perfect peace.  A spirit of resistance and blame lead us into addictions.

Seven.  Your enjoyment of any activity in life is in direct proportion to how much you feel whole, connected, and present while doing the activity.  Think of your top five activities and you will see this truth.

Eight.  All of your very favorite activities, healthy or unhealthy, help you alter your moods.  The things you love to do help you feel whole, connected, and present.  My favorite activities include mountain running, soaking in a hot tub, massage, watching movies, eating, landscaping, writing, and reading.

Nine.  The fragmentation, separateness, and emptiness you feel are based on illusions.  Your feelings are real!  If I believe a friend did me wrong, though he did not, my feeling of betrayal is still real, just based on incorrect beliefs.

Ten.  With practice, you can experience the true reality of complete wholeness, unity, and clarity in the present moment most of the time.  When you live in wholeness and unity, all addictions drop away like the fall leaves from a maple tree.

Continue to learn and grow.  With practice, you can increase the wholeness, connectedness, and clarity in your life.  Remember your power, wholeness, unity, and clarity!  

Perfect oneness is the truth.  Hold on to the truth and do not be fooled by appearances and illusions.


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