Twenty Three Advantages to an Internet Business

By Christopher Westra  

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Nowadays, anyone who cannot speak English and is incapable of using the Internet is regarded as backward.

Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Alsaud  

The new information technology, Internet and e-mail, have practically eliminated the physical costs of communications.

Peter Drucker  

I think it's fair to say that personal computers have become the most empowering tool we've ever created. They're tools of communication, they're tools of creativity, and they can be shaped by their user.

Bill Gates

I have an almost religious zeal.. not for technology per se, but for the Internet which is for me, the nervous system of mother Earth, which I see as a living creature, linking up.

Dan Millman (Author - Way of the Peaceful Warrior)


Table of Contents  

Twenty Three Advantages to an Internet Business.

1.     Enjoy Unlimited Freedom.

2.     Collect Unlimited Income.

3.     Market World Wide to Billions of People.

4.     Tap Any Market You Wish Ė Even Specialty Markets.

5.     Work Flexible Hours.

6.     Start Your Business on a Small Budget.

7.     Operate With Low Overhead.

8.     Compete with the Big Businesses.

9.     Automate Marketing, Sales, and Delivery.

10.       Enjoy Residual Income.

11.       Do What You Love To Do.

12.       Keep Business Small and Simple.

13.       Track the Bottom Line Easily.

14.       Receive Immediate Feedback on Tests and Changes.

15.       Use Speed to Full Advantage.

16.       Live Anywhere in the World.

17.       Work Outside of Time and Space.

18.       Give Value to Billions.

19.       Use Automated Affiliate Programs.

20.       Sell in a Massively Expanding Market.

21.       Enjoy Being Home.

22.       Pursue Unlimited Opportunities.

23.       Meet New People and Learn New Ideas.


How to Maximize the Benefits of an Internet Business  

The Cyborg Marketing principles are applicable to both online and offline business.  Savvy marketers used the techniques thousands of years ago. 

However, because of the automation of the internet sales process, and the automatic cues to action, the techniques lend themselves well to internet marketing.

Most of you purchasing this book will already be involved in internet marketing, or at least convinced that internet sales are the way to go.  You will still benefit from the following advantages because you can learn to maximize the possible benefits of an internet business.

There are people who own an internet business, yet are a slave to it, not knowing how to manifest freedom instead of ďthe daily grindĒ.  Itís a mind set, and you have to really feel you are worth it!

 You have to learn how to enjoy the benefits of an online business.

 1.      Enjoy Unlimited Freedom  

An internet business truly can, if you are wise, give you whatever freedom you wish to have.  Iíll explore several avenues that freedom can take, in choosing your own schedule, priorities, clothing, etc.  It really is wonderful.

Yet it has taken effort, focus, and energy to get my business where it is right now, and there is much more to come.

One of the wisest pieces of advice I heard when starting out was ďWork on the business, not in the businessĒ and I have made that a primary focus!

 2.      Collect Unlimited Income

No matter how much you make while working for someone else, there is still a limit.  You still trade time for money and I refuse to live in that model anymore.

I think it was Matt Furey who said, ďThere is no income ceiling in cyberspaceĒ.  I really thought about that and itís true!

You provide valuable products to people, and they give you money in return, and with automation, you can reach billions of people if you desire.

There is no one to say that you canít sell an item for a certain amount, or that you can only sell a certain number of items.  You decide what to sell, what to charge, and how much you make.

I just passed the 100,000,000 mark for people who have searched for my keywords and seen my small Google ads.  Out of those, 350,000 have gone to my sites.  These are still small numbers in the internet world, Iím just getting started.

Note Ė You do have to have a valuable product.  Some people donít seem to realize that any money one person makes has to be given freely by someone else.

The only way that people are going to pull out their credit card and give you money is if you give them something of greater value in return.  You gave me a certain number of dollars for this book, and Iím giving you a much greater value than what you gave me.

With these cyborg principles and the checklist, you will easily make 100 times what you gave me!  Remember to have a valuable product to give other people.  I prefer to sell packaged useful information in the form of ebooks.    

3.      Market World Wide to Billions of People

Itís really fun to have the world as a market.  The people in my little town hardly know what I do.  A few in town have purchased, but Iím not limited to selling locally.  I wouldnít care if no one in my state purchased my books, I have the entire world full of people, and more and more are getting on the internet every day!

Most offline businesses are limited to the local population for sales.  A restaurant or mall or grocery store has to have enough people living nearby to support it.  With an internet business, you donít have to be concerned about that.  You literally have billions of people to market to. 

Note Ė You do have to learn how to market to these people.  They wonít come beating your door down without marketing.

I see many online businesses start, and they wonder why they arenít making more sales.  I ask them how many people are visiting their sites, and they donít know!

You have to know!  Thatís part of an internet business. 

Internet sales are predicted to be $229 Billion by 2008.  In 2004 it was only $95 Billion.  What a time to start!  Thousands and thousands of people are learning the internet for the first time every single day. 

For a while I only marketed in the United States .  That was a mistake.  Now I market in every country in the world.  Itís true that people in other countries do not purchase at the same conversion rate as people in the United States but I still make a profit.

Itís fun to see the countries where I sell books.  Some of the countries I havenít even heard of.  My boys and I are getting a geography lesson through my business.  When I sell in a new country, I have my boys guess where, and the closest one gets a prize.  Have you heard of Saint Kitts and Nevis ?  Yes, itís a country.

4.      Tap Any Market You Wish Ė Even Specialty Markets

With internet marketing you can tap specialty markets that add up to thousands of people, even if there may be only a few people in each city.

My raw foods book is a good example of this.  There are a handful of people living around me interested in raw food, but I could never operate a business catering to them.

With the internet, I can tap directly into the worldwide raw foods market through the search engines.  In the last seven days, Iíve had 523,759 people look up raw food and raw food related terms, and 2,428 of those have clicked onto my Aloha Joy Raw Foods Site.

What is your interest?  Hockey, wilderness running, tomato gardening, teaching your parrot to talk, breatharianism, zen, waterfalls, orchids, landscaping with rocks, astrology, mind power, space, or what?  No matter what you are into Ė no matter how specialized an interest, with the internet you can tap directly into that market to associate with these people, learn from them, and find out what they want.

Of course you also sell them something if you happen to be a cyborg marketer!  Itís OK, you sell them what they want, and they freely give you the money.

There are easy internet tools to determine the extent of any specialty market you may be interested in.  Itís beyond the scope of this book to explore these, but know that they are easily available if you need to check out exactly how many people are searching for information on (for example) fly fishing, or landscaping with seashells.

As of this writing, the following address takes you straight to overtureís search term tool, and gives you the number of people who searched on a given term in the previous month.

Donít be intimidated if there are already products available in the market you wish to tap.  Thatís a good sign.  People must be buying the products, so there is money to be made.  Research the top items and make sure that your offering is better, more valuable, and more unique.  With the principles in this book, you can easily beat the competition.

When I wrote my potty training book, I knew there were other potty training ebooks already out there.  No matter.  I wrote about my method, and with a good ad it sells consistently month after month.  

5.      Work Flexible Hours

An online business allows you to work whenever you want.  All the websites are still open whenever you want to do business!  

While I was still building my business and had a full time job, I worked early in the morning.  I got up at 4:30 for a month, then 4:20 for a month, then 4:10, then 4:00 and kept going earlier and earlier (ten minutes earlier each month), acclimatizing my body to the early hours.  Iíd work on the business for a few hours, and then go to work all day.

 I made it all the way until I was getting up at 2:00 in the morning, which I needed to do to get the business going while also working a day job.  But it was harder on my body than I supposed, and a few weeks after I left my day job I stopped getting up so early.  Now I get up at 5:50 everyday.

The flexible hours also includes the weekly schedule.  I can take a day or a week off whenever I want to.  I take my boys on hikes, and on ďdatesĒ.  I already mentioned our Hawaii trip, and in a couple more weeks I have another week long trip planned. 

I used to try and write everyday, but now I clear one day each week and write all day, not even touching email or answering the phone on that day.  Thatís today Ė Itís 4:43 right now in the afternoon and Iíve been writing all day!

6.      Start Your Business on a Small Budget

An internet marketing business, especially if you sell information, is one that you can start with an extremely low budget.  Talk about starting on a shoestring Ė when I started I didnít even have a working computer!  Iíve had several computer and monitor upgrades since then.

I didnít have DSL either, and didnít even know what it was.  It was dial up connection, slow slow slow!  But that was what it took to start, hard work and determination and vision, but not a lot of start up costs.

You need a computer, and an internet connection.  Some form of web designer is helpful (I use FrontPage) but there are free ones available.  You can start selling other peopleís products as an affiliate without even a website.  You can use Google Adwords to send people directly to otherís sales pages, and get paid through Clickbank for your referrals.

As you begin to make money, you can invest in web domains, website graphics, how to ebooks, online tools, and so forth.  These tools are useful, but it really doesnít take much to start.

7.      Operate With Low Overhead

Even once your business gets going, the operating costs are minimal.  For my business, the marketing costs are substantial, but I always make more than I spend, so the profit is the only thing that matters.  Iíd like to spend much more on marketing because the more I spend the more I make!

This is true as long as I continue to market to a targeted audience.  When my keywords get more general and I stray from my targeted population then my conversion ratio does drop somewhat. 

Iíve learned from other internet marketers to buy quality products Ė they will pay off in the long run.  You can get cheap web hosting but if your website goes down it will cost you.  I use Ipowerweb for my hosting and they have been very reliable.  It takes a little time to get phone support but thatís my only complaint.  My sites are always up.

8.      Compete with the Big Businesses

Selling on the internet, nobody knows how big your business actually is. You can put up a nice looking sales page as quick as you want and compete with billion dollar companies.

The internet is a great equalizer.  The ďbig dogsĒ canít form a monopoly and run anyone out of business!  Web-based businesses are excellent for beginners, and for any small entrepreneurs.

9.      Automate Marketing, Sales, and Delivery

Just getting back from an eight day Hawaii vacation a week ago, I really appreciate this aspect of web businesses.  I did pay someone to keep up on my business email so all the customers were satisfied, but it didnít take him very long each day.

In an internet business, nearly everything can be automated.  Follow up newsletters, support emails, and even product delivery, can be automated.

If I wake up one day and decide not to work, my business still operates on autopilot!  In fact, if a bomb destroyed my entire town, my business would continue to make money day after day.  Assuming I was out of town and survived the bomb, I merely have to find another computer and find out how much money I made. 

There are times that Iíve actually been amazed at how much of my business is automated.  I try and do at least one task each day that increases my efficiency forever!  These daily tasks aimed at simplicity, organization, and automation all add up to FREE TIME and the PEACE that we all really want.

10.    Enjoy Residual Income

This advantage to internet businesses is related to automation (above) but different enough to deserve special mention.

There are certain offline businesses that also enjoy residual income.  Not surprisingly, wealthy people tend to be into these types of businesses.  Whenever you can do the work once, and get paid on that work forever, this is residual income.

Authors get residual income.  They write a book, and get paid for years and years every time someone purchases a copy.  Some types of insurance salesman receive residual income.

The real estate industry is based on residual income.  This is the source of the term, ďincome producing propertyĒ.  Once you go to the work of obtaining the land and building on it, you can obtain rental money forever!

Residual income is especially enjoyable when you sell information products because they cost nothing to deliver.  You do the work once, like the author of any other book, but get paid for each sale.

Some of my ebooks generate about $500 per month, and some make almost $4000 per month profit.  It takes some work to write a book, and a great ad, and order a virtual cover, and set up a payment processing account, and load it all into a website. 

Iím doing all these things right now for this book.  I just ordered my new web domain and hosting plan.

Then you have to get traffic to the site, and that takes some work also.

But once thatís all done, itís done, and I donít have to do it again.  I do spend some time on marketing, and on customer follow up, but the time is very small compared to the money Iím making.  And, you can always delegate these follow up tasks if you want, to leave you time for product creation.  It all depends on how big you want your business to get, and what you enjoy doing!

11.    Do What You Love To Do

There are two ways in which an internet business allows you to do what you love!

The first was hinted at above in number ten.  You can choose what aspects of the business you want to do yourself, and which to hire others to do.  If you love marketing, you can become a true expert and immerse yourself in that aspect of the business.

You can even hire others to create the products for you, or merely sell other peopleís products to start with.

If you really love customer support and fielding questions, then you can spend your time there, and delegate the marketing to some high school computer whiz.

Or maybe, like me, you love creating your own products to sell!  I do sell other peopleís products, but I absolutely love creating and selling my own writings.  Selling my own books gives me satisfaction that I donít get from selling other peopleís material.

I love researching a subject in detail, becoming an expert, and then organizing that material in a readable and useful way for others.  So I delegate or simplify other areas of the business so I have the energy to do what I love!

The second way in which an internet business allows you to do what you love is that you can choose any specialized market that interests you and build a business around it. 

If your interest in alternative energy products, you can build a business easily around that interest.  There are loads of products to refer people to.

Maybe your interest is martial arts, or travel, or literature?  Doing what you love gives a positive enthusiastic energy to your work that your customers feel and love!  This energy attracts customers like a magnet. 

I encourage all of you to do what you love.  Get the book ďDo What You Love, The Money Will FollowĒ.  Itís more than a book on business, itís a book on spiritual growth and psychology.

12.    Keep Business Small and Simple

You can stay a one person business if you desire.  If you like to keep things simple, then you can just do everything yourself and not hire any employees.  Employees can be a great benefit but they do sometimes pull away some of your precious energy and focus if you arenít careful.

Many internet marketers prefer to keep the business small.  When they do need help, they often get family members to work in the business and create a family business.  There are others who hire professional staff and decide to grow as big as they can.  It all depends on what you prefer.

13.    Track the Bottom Line Easily

With everything being automated, itís so easy to track and measure progress in visitors, total sales, and profits.  You can get programs to calculate percentages and trends for you, or you can just collect the numbers daily, weekly, or monthly, and evaluate the numbers on paper.

For each website I have, I can easily know precisely how many visitors I have each day, and how many sales I get.  I track some items of information daily, but most on a monthly basis.  I figure the conversion rates of each ad, and the cost per sale. 

Always focus on the bottom line!  I use this information to decide where to spend my time and energy.  If you arenít making decisions based on what the numbers say, then you arenít taking advantage of your internet business.

Online businesses lend themselves to easy tracking of numbers  

14.    Receive Immediate Feedback on Tests and Changes

Being able to get results almost instantly from your marketing efforts is a huge advantage.  When advertisers work with radio, TV, or billboards, they donít know the exact number of people they influence.  Itís a lot of guesswork.  They devise ways of learning all they can about the results, but itís never as exact as internet feedback.

If I try a new web subscription form for my newsletter, I can know exactly how many visitors saw the form, and how many signed up.  I know whether the subscription rate went up or down.

When I start a new Google ad, I can tell how itís doing in just one day.  Many marketing services, like Google, allow you to test two or more ads against each other and they tell you the exact percentage of customers is attracted by each ad.  Then you delete the ad receiving fewer visitors, and write a new one to try and beat the better one!

I have one potty training ad on Google that I havenít been able to beat yet, though Iíve tried many times!  No ad gets as many clicks as that one, so now I just ďlet it runĒ.

15.    Use Speed to Full Advantage

The internet works with speed not only in feedback, but in all aspects of your business.

If you get a wild idea about a web page you want to put up, you can have it up in minutes.  If you want to raise your price, or advertise a special offer, you can have it ďliveĒ almost immediately.  The speed of web servers now is fantastic.

Whenever I make a change on one of my pages, I always go immediately to the web and look up the page I just changed, just to make sure all the changes look right. 

Hint Ė I recommend this practice, I catch many typos or other errors.  Once I published my entire site advertising my raw foods book to my other website that was supposed to be my I Create Reality book. 

As I look up these pages, Iím going to the page not as the publisher, but just as anyone else in the world would see the page.  The changes are always immediately there, as fast as I can look up the page after making the changes!

When I start a new marketing campaign with Google, my ads are shown within minutes after I write them. 

Even the process of getting a new ebook online, while taking many steps, can be done very quickly.  I just listened to an interview with Marc Joyner and Joe Vitale, and Joe said that ďmoney likes speedĒ. 

Money just seems to flow to a business or project when speed is used, and the internet is the speediest business tool around.  Personally, I donít think itís speed itself that attracts the money, but itís the energy, enthusiasm, and action that most often go with the speed!

16.    Live Anywhere in the World

I want to move to a warmer climate soon.  Itís wonderful being able to entertain all possibilities.  I know some people on the remote Hawaiian island of Molokai , and they said it was a great place to live, if you can bring your own livelihood with you.

With an internet business, you can take your livelihood anywhere you want!  If I want to move to Molokai or anywhere else in Hawaii , I donít have to be concerned with how near I am to a city.  If I want to move up into a remote cabin in the woods then I can do that also. 

All you need is an internet connection and you can operate your business from any spot in the world.  Many people would like to move to a different climate, or to the country, but are unable to do so because of needing a job.

Your online business allows you to take your job with you because the business literally exists outside of time and space!

17.    Work Outside of Time and Space

Who owns the internet?  Nobody!

Where is the internet?  All over and nowhere.

When is the internet?  Right now, and all the time.

The web works outside of time and space, which gives some intriguing advantages.

Iíve developed a lot of friendships with other internet marketers, and Iíve noticed something I find remarkable.  Nearly all of them accept progressive notions of time and space, and are ďintoĒ philosophy, manifesting, laws of attraction, unity of the cosmos, etc.

There is a reason for this.  People who have very rigid and concrete ideas of time and space have trouble comprehending the internet!  It just blows their mind because the web exists outside of time and space. 

Either one can come first.  If you already understand the quantum ideas that time and space are merely illusions and that everything is connected at a fundamental level, then you will accept the web and be comfortable with it.  Or it can work the other way around, with knowledge of the web coming first.

So, once people start getting into internet work, the web itself seems to move them into the ideas of universal oneness and time being an illusion.  Internet marketers literally work outside of time and space and this thinking affects other areas of their life in a positive way.

All technology is built upon an underlying reality.  The web could not ďconnect everyone instantlyĒ if we were not already connected.  

We internet marketers tend to take it for granted that thoughts are things, we create our own reality, we can send energy anywhere, the universe is infinitely abundant, and our imaginations and intentions are powerful.

These are incredible ideas that contribute to the success, happiness, and wealth of anyone who holds them!

18.    Give Value to Billions

Iíve always wanted to influence millions of people, and this has now been upgraded to billions.  If I saw a book that sold ď3 million copiesĒ I was impressed and desired to emulate this success.  Helping people learn and grow and see new ideas is fun.

With the internet, Iíve now upgraded my goal to billions instead of millions because I know itís possible!  I still remember the day when I looked at my Google statistics and realized that I would contact and influence a billion people.  As I mentioned, over 100 million people have seen my small ads so a billion is very reachable.

The numbers of people who have actually visited my websites is much smaller, but will still reach a million shortly.  And the number of people actually purchasing my products or signing up for my newsletter is smaller still, yet still growing day by day.  Some people I will influence greatly, and some people to a lesser extent, but itís all fun for me.

Most people really want to help others, and with an internet business there is no limit to the number you help.  Iíve been a counselor for years and worked with people one on one and in group settings.  I enjoy it, but I still only influence hundreds in that way.  With my online business I can give increased life to many more!

19.    Use Automated Affiliate Programs

Referral programs have been around for centuries, but never to the extent that they are used now!  This is because of the easy tracking available on the internet.

When I was just starting out in business, I tried being an affiliate for one product that still doesnít have an automated (internet) tracking link.  In other words, when someone orders over the phone, they are ďsupposed toĒ use my referral code and thatís how I get credit.  I never got a check.

Even though this product is a super product and I absolutely love it, and even though Iíve actually influenced people to buy it, no one remembers to use the ďreferral codeĒ.  Thatís just ridiculous!  In this age, there is no excuse for not having a quick link I can send people to that tracks my referral.

Thankfully, there are thousands of companies who know better.  I remember when I got my first monthly check for over $1000 from one affiliate program!  I was actually surprised that I sold that many Ė averaging more than one sale per day.

It was even more fun knowing I could keep selling that many each month.  All I did was recommend a great product that I believed in to my subscribers, and the company did all the marketing, sales, and delivery of the product. 

I prefer ďdownloadableĒ products to ďshippableĒ products myself, but when someone else handles the shipping then I donít really care.  So as an affiliate for other peopleís products, I sell both digital items and ďhard copiesĒ of books, tapes, CDs, or whatever.

Pick a few good products and promote them well.  Then expand slowly as you desire.  I only have four or five products that I really spend my energy on, and a few ebooks that I really find worthwhile.

Remember to use an automated affiliate program for your own products also.  Itís fun to see other websites and other peopleís ads working to sell your product!  I love Clickbank because of the simplicity of the affiliate program but there are many others available.

20.    Sell in a Massively Expanding Market

Not only is the internet market a big market, but itís expanding every day.  I canít think of another market that is predictably growing so quickly.  Each day there are thousands of people who try the ďinternetĒ for the first time. 

I still remember the first time I heard of the internet, and the first time I tried it.  It was a ďnew animalĒ, and a bit overwhelming and scary to me actually.  I was the last of the adults in my family to get an email address, but soon I was trying to build websites.

There are still millions and millions who donít touch the internet, but they are dying off and the younger generation is growing up already knowing how to use it for research, information, and purchases! 

I know from my own business that a few are still shy to use their credit card online, but these are rare.  More and more people know what ebooks are.  More and more people use the internet to find information on any subject.  And, more and more people are using the internet for purchases!

I buy almost everything online, and I love it.  With the reviews available on any product, I can actually learn more by shopping online than by going into a store.  I generally like to get lots of information before a purchase, and my latest research has been into hot tubs and backpacks.  I was spoiled by our nice hot tub in Hawaii and now I think I need one in my own backyard.

The point here is that even for people who regularly use the internet for other purposes, more and more are becoming online shoppers.

21.    Enjoy Being Home

Itís possible to work from home, yet still not enjoy it.  If you are going to be home, then you may as well take advantage of all the benefits.

My feet are bare right now, and as far as I can see today, Iím not going to put on any socks or shoes.  My toes are literally shaped differently because of being pressed together into my shoes for so many years.  Now they have a chance to relax and resume their ideal shape. 

I can wear jeans and a t-shirt every single day, which is what I prefer.  You can wear whatever you want!  No more ties for me.

They say itís a manís world out there, but what a way to start the day Ė by tying a little noose around your neck!  Iím so glad to be done with that.

My three year old son just came down to me to get some comfort and he is on my lap right now as I type these words.  I have four boys and they come visit me here and there to ask questions or show me something.  This is a tremendous benefit to being home, and more available to my family.

When I take breaks, I can take a boy for a walk, or take all of them to the post office or the bank or the store.

I get to be with my family for all three meals, everyday.  The amount of interaction with my loved ones is higher being at home full time!

Also, I can eat whenever I want, and eat whatever I want.  At my old job, I often had a schedule to keep, and sometimes couldnít eat when I wanted.  I took my lunch to work, but I took what was easily transported and stored, when I really wanted a salad or a freshly made smoothie.

My wife is a midwife, and when she gets called to a birth, Iím here to tend the boys.  Remember to enjoy being home.

There can be challenges to being home, of course.  You can get too many interruptions from the kids, or you can become unfocused if you take too many breaks for tending, errands, and such. 

My office is not closed in, just part of a huge room in the basement, and I wear silencer headphones while working most of the day to shut out the household noise.

22.    Pursue Unlimited Opportunities

At the very first, you have to pursue your own opportunities.  But once you have some products for sale and your own web presence, and traffic coming your way, opportunities come to you. 

In fact, I get so many offers and opportunities that I can simply choose the best and say ďno thanksĒ to the rest.  This is what I have to do, for I get ten times more opportunities than I can possibly follow through on.  I have to pass up some pretty good ones in order to use my energy for the very best ones.

Evaluate each ďopportunityĒ in terms of the focus, energy, and attention it will require from you.  Your attention is your most valuable commodity Ė spend it wisely.

23.    Meet New People and Learn New Ideas

Once you start selling products on the web, all kinds of people write you and ask about anything under the sun.  Most are super friendly, thanking you for your time, and sharing great ideas.

Iíve met people from dozens and dozens of countries.  No matter where I travel to, I can meet people who have purchased my books and want to get together and talk.  On my recent trip to Hawaii I got together with four wonderful people and talked about creating our own reality, business endeavors, energy work, and Hawaii !

Even though much of your work is online, your real business is people.  Take the energy to get to know some of them.  Every once in a while you will meet one that becomes a long term friend or a long term business associate (and friend).

You do have to be careful because you could spend all your time answering emails if you donít find ways to prioritize your tasks and keep up the other internet work also. 

I like making new contacts here and there but I will not allow all my energy to be used up with email.  I check my email accounts only once per day, and sometimes skip a day on Sundays, holidays, vacation days, or writing days.

Customers and subscribers send me half written books, manuscripts, websites, stories, and more.  Some are excellent and I pass them on (with permission) or refer others to the websites.

Some ask critical questions that help me think in new ways.  Others ask for my input on tasks they are working on.  You have to judge for yourself how much of this type of work your business can allow, and how much you enjoy it.

Well, thatís it Ė the fantastic advantages of an internet business.

If you are interested in your own internet business, then check out the tools and tips in the full book, available below.  There's never a better time to start than right now!


This article is excerpted from the ebook "I Create Cash Ė Cyborg Selling:  How to Create Unlimited Income Using Automatic Cues to Action."  Learn more at I Create Cash.


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Realms of Joy - Time of Light


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