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Automation:  How You Can Use Automation to Sell and Deliver Valuable Information Products

By Christopher Westra
I Create Millions:  87  Money Mastery Methods 

Automation is the real value in internet marketing.  You can and should automate nearly everything. You can automate advertising, sales, newsletters, subscriptions, tracking, and value delivery.

In my own business, anything I don't automate becomes too difficult to keep up on. So I'm always working to automate more.

You can't have a business without giving a valuable product, so consider this "end result" the beginning of your business.  How can you use automation to deliver your product?  You simply create a product that you can download.

What product can you create that you can deliver over the internet? Really brainstorm in this area. Go to and peruse the thousands of downloadable products there.

You'll get lots of ideas. Increase your confidence in your abilities. You have areas of expertise and knowledge that will help others. 

You simply have to "package" your value into a product, and then offer it to others.  Automation is the key because then you can sell 20, 100, or 1000 products and really increase your income, without any delivery cost at all. 

Yesterday I didn't touch my computer at all, yet I made $464 in sales, with $55 in advertising costs, for profit of $409.  That's automation!


P.S.  You don't have to take months to create a downloadable product.  One of my books I wrote in about five and a half hard working days. It took me several books to do this, and most have taken a lot longer, but it is possible!

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