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Watch Out for the Bomb Rabbits!  

By Christopher Westra
Author: I Create Reality - Beyond Visualization

My four year old heard some noises up in the foothills the other day, and is convinced that the noise is coming from bomb rabbits.  I think the sounds are from somebody shooting, but that's just my story.  Camden can see the rabbits running around, and he hears these explosions, and puts the data together.  Must be bomb rabbits.  They live up in the hills above our home and detonate their bombs.

We all build stories based on the evidence we personally experience.  Most often our stories are just that - made up stories.  Well, I told Camden to pass the word to the bomb rabbits to leave our home alone, so we would be safe.  I'm not sure that this is enough of a safety precaution.

With all the terrorist activity in the world today, one can never be sure where these rabbits are coming from.  The way rabbits multiply, and with this new technology they seem to be using, this could become a real danger.

Should I call the Department of Homeland Security, and notify them of the bomb rabbits?  I thought about this, but decided to take matters into my own hands.  I looked through Soldier of Fortune and found some mercenaries to hire.  Here is a picture of one.

I ordered two dozen of these little squirrels, and posted them at various points around the house.  They each came with their own miniature machine gun, and they know how to use it!  Bomb rabbits, bring it on....

If you see any more of these bomb rabbits in your area, please report to BombRabbitSightings(at)

Thanks for your help.  We have to put a stop to this before it gets out of hand.