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Christopher Westra - Who is He?

Background and Education

Christopher Westra received a Degree in Psychology from Brigham Young University.  He met his wife Casandra in his last Psychology class and they graduated together and then got married shortly after.

He has studied mental and physical health for over 25 years, and received his Doctor of Naturopathy Degree from the Clayton School of Natural Healing.

He holds a Black Belt Degree in the Martial Art of Kyukido.

Christopher lives in Gunnison Utah with his wife and five boys.  He enjoys gardening, mountain running, reading, writing, and connecting people with ideas through the internet.

Before becoming a full time writer and internet marketer, Christopher worked with troubled youth, and then as a counselor in a prison.  He recently started the Perpetual Light Fund to help budding entrepreneurs and light workers across the world.  The Light Fund gives a $100 award each month.


Books and Other Writings

Christopher is a widely published author selling books in 109 countries.  His books include:

I Create Reality – Beyond Visualization: How You Can Use Holographic Creation to Materialize Your Desires

I Create Joy – The Art of Emotional Transformation: How You Can Transform Your Painful Emotions into Joy with This Eight Step Recipe

The Harmony Earth 30 Day Energy Diet: Ten Simple Secrets to Harmonize Your Body with the Earth and Increase Your Energy and Vibration in 30 Days!

Realms of Joy – Time of Light: How to Live in Holographic Time for Extreme Wealth and Peace

How to Potty Train Your Child in Five Hours with the HEART Method

I Create Cash – Cyborg Selling: How You Can Create Unlimited Income Using Automatic Cues to Action

I Create Wisdom - Numerous articles and other free reports on physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, and financial health.  New information all the time.

I Create Millions - How You Can Manifest Your Millions With 87 Specific Money Mastery Methods

Free Money Ebook System - Free Book to Give Away and Make Money in the Giving.  Get your copy now.

You Can Also Get a Free Gratitude Meditation Here!

Development of Holographic Creation

As a counselor, he came up with a “Ten Years in the Future” exercise in which people visualized in detail their daily life ten years from now.  He did this exercise with hundreds of adolescents, and later with prison inmates.

He wrote out his future vision along with the others, and over the years became convinced that there was a guiding power at work.  Item by item the detailed images became reality (life in the country, a house built into a hill, his own business, a black belt degree, knowledge, books, promotions, bonuses, mentors, opportunities, amazing health).

Christopher invites you to practice the important skill of spiritual pre-creation of reality using the life-changing techniques in his books and articles.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Strengths:  Customer relations, connecting to many people and countries, and building huge subscriber lists.  Also creative writing, idea generation,  networking with others in joint ventures, finding great joy and fun in his work, and loving to learn new things.

Weaknesses (working on all these):  Ego (still has one), graphics and design, web interactivity, web navigation, conversion testing, search engine optimization, and computer languages.

Two Newsletters - "I Create Reality" and "Internet Marketing"

He writes two newsletters.  Depending on your interests, you may want to sign up for one or the other, and many people join both!

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The Internet Marketing Newsletter, on the other hand, is for those who desire to make money with online marketing.  The instruction and training items come about every five days.

This is not a newsletter for everybody, only for those interested in making continual profits from internet marketing.  I make a full time living working on the web, and I love it!  You can learn from me - I'll share all my methods freely because I enjoy sharing and bringing Increased Life to all.

In the newsletter you will receive free ebooks, tips about how to brand ebooks and distribute them to create viral profits, and other internet marketing secrets.  You will also receive advance information about my future money-earning ebooks!  Simply enter your first name and email address below.

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Christopher loves teaching others about the eternal perspective on life.  We lived before we came here to earth.  He and his family are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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