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The Harmony Earth Diet - Ten Eating Secrets to Harmonize Your Body With the Earth

By Christopher Westra
Author:  The Harmony Earth 30 Day Energy Diet

Harmony Earth Diet The Unharmonious Diet
1.  Awareness.  Focus on the taste of your food and really enjoy each bite.  Take your time and nourish soul and body together. 1.  Distraction.  Eat while watching TV or reading, or while talking on the phone.  Do not pay attention to food.  Eat in a hurry.
2.  Variety.  Eat hundreds of types of foods over the seasons of the year, being aware of God's abundance and variety.  Try new foods as often as you can.  Eat food in seasonal cycles 2.  Limitation.  Eat only about 25 different foods, year in and year out.  Do not vary diet seasonally.  Avoid trying anything new.  Eat lots and lots of certain foods.  Be in a rut
3.  Freedom.  Eat when you are hungry, and what your body craves.  Throw out schedules and "shoulds" and rigid eating rules. 3.  Rigidity.  Conform to mealtimes, schedules, rules, traditions, and regulations about eating times and foods in general.
4.  Simplicity.  Eat just the things you want, not worrying about a "well balanced meal".  If you just want an apple or an egg, then just eat that.  Your diet will vary over time. 4.  Complexity.  Consider that you must have certain food groups every day, and force yourself to eat things you don't want just to be "balanced". 
5.  Quality.  Know where your food comes from and choose the highest quality.  One egg may have ten times the nutrition than another egg.  Likewise with an orange, a cup of sprouts, or a cut of meat. 5.  Inferiority.  Eat any food regardless of the source.  Consider that any apple is just as good as any other apple.  Don't bother to learn how food is grown, or the consciousness of the people who bring it to you.
6.  Local.  Eat local whenever you can.  Food has a consciousness that tells your body where on earth you live.  Local food is also fresher - and builds your local network. 6.  Shipped.  Eat mostly food from far away.  You don't know how it was grown or the people who grew it (or manufactured it), or how old the food might be.  The earth consciousness is different.
7.  Wholeness.  Eat the whole food, whatever it is.  If you are eating wheat, eat the whole wheat.  Eat the edible skins and peels and seeds.  Eat unprocessed foods. 7.  Fractionated.  Eat only parts of foods, foods that have been divided up by machinery into various parts.  Only eat food that has been mashed, mixed, and processed.
8.  Vitality.  Choose foods with their original, vital, full genetic power.  Choose mostly foods that continue to grow in the wild.  This may take some education on your part. 8.  Weakness.  Eat lots of foods that have been hybridized until they can no longer grow except with the help of man.  These foods are the starchy foods, many people's favorites.
9.  Loved.  Eat foods prepared in love and focus.  This secret is one of the most important.  Be allowing and kind with others in all social eating situations.  Bless your food. 9.  Unloved.  Eat foods that have been manufactured in huge assembly-line processes with no consciousness or awareness.  Eat foods prepared by those who put no love into it.
10.  Hunger.  Eat when you are really hungry.  Allow your body to cleanse between meals.  Then choose simple nourishing foods that "hit the spot" and satisfy body and soul together 10.  Appetite.  Eat to please the taste buds.  Don't worry about being hungry.  Eat stimulating and heavily spiced and sweetened foods that still "jolt" the appetite when you aren't even hungry.

   Christopher Westra is the author of The Harmony Earth 30 Day Energy Diet

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