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How to Pick a Dynamic Domain Name the SUREFIRE Way

By Christopher Westra
I Create Millions:  87  Money Mastery Methods 

You can learn right here to get the best domain name the SUREFIRE way.  Yes, it is an acronym.  The best domain names maximize these eight factors.  They are:

Easy to Remember and Spell

Engaging or Entertaining

1.  Short is good, but not the most important factor. is short but it doesn't tell you much about the site.  On the other hand, is long but it scores well on many of the other factors.

2.  Understandable.  Yes, this is one of the most important, because people often share domain names over the phone, or on the radio, or in casual conversation.  My first domain name,, isn't very good, because often people don't hear the "d" on increased.  You want people to understand the first time.

3.  Relevant.  Relevant to what?  Relevant to what your website is about! is short and understandable but it's a very poor choice if your website teaches about magnets and magnetism.  A better choice would be, which is my site (check it out)!

4.  Easy to Remember and Spell.  This overlaps some of the other factors, but it's good to keep it in mind when choosing a name. just isn't a name you can hear over the water cooler and then go home hours later and type into your browser!  Now is easy to remember.

5.  Flowing.  Do the words of the domain name flow together?  Are the words often spoken together in normal speech? and are both short but kind of nonsensical.  I like to use sentences, such as or

Using the same initial letter (alliteration) also creates flow, as in or

6.  Intuitive.  All else being equal, intuitive domain names will bring more traffic.  Instinctive web names are also easier to remember.  By intuitive I mean that somebody might, knowing the subject matter of your website, guess your domain name. is an example, as is, or  Some people may just intuitively "try" typing in those domains if they have an interest in those areas.

7.  Remarkable.  Do people have a reason to look up your website?  What makes it attractive or beneficial to them?  My and domains draw people because of the names.  People want to know more about creating their reality, and about creating wealth.

Make sure you have a remarkable website to go with your remarkable name.  If you promise, then deliver.

8.  Engaging or Entertaining.  Does your domain name invoke curiosity?  How likely will people be to visit your website if all they hear is the name?  How about (in progress), or  I Create Surprise is devoted to interactive "surprising" web effects (in progress).  Choose a dynamic domain name with some energy and pizzazz that will gain attention.

Well, that's the SUREFIRE method of choosing a domain name.  Don't go with your first brainstorm.  Come up with at least twenty or so and then see what is available.


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