Three Advanced Quantum Mind Control Exercises You Should Never Try At Home

By Christopher Westra
Author: I Create Reality - Beyond Visualization  


Number One - Quantum Suspension Control Exercise

Stand erect with arms held firmly at sides.  Keep lower legs (below knees) in strict vertical position.

Gradually lean back at the knees, dropping upper body and thighs until parallel to the floor.

Once proper position has been assumed (Upper body perfectly horizontal and lower legs perpendicular), walk slowly around the room.

Note - Be careful to avoid furniture and other household obstacles while walking.

Rise gradually.  Relax for a few moments, then repeat.  (Ten reps is adequate).


Number Two - Quantum Molecular Extension Exercise

Assume kneeling position, with arms folded across chest.

Keeping head perfectly rigid, extend hair vertically as far as possible.

Hold, release gradually.  Relax, and repeat.  (Work up to 15 reps).


Number Three - Quantum Brain Contusion Exercise

Stand erect with arms held firmly at sides. 

Keeping body perfectly rigid, lean forward on toes and fall to the floor.

Rise, relax, and repeat.  (20 reps, or as needed for proper mind development)

Note - If necessary, have a friend tie your wrists behind your back to keep you from cheating.


Editor's Disclaimer - These advanced quantum exercises should never be tried - period.  They are a joke.  Christopher Westra and I Create Reality assume no liability if you should hurt yourself trying these exercises.

If you do try these exercises, please get it on film.  My boys love to watch Funniest Home Videos and this would be a great addition!


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