Free Ebooks:  How to Give Away Free Ebooks and Make Money From Links

By Christopher Westra, Developer of Free Money Ebook

This article is for internet marketers, or those who seek to become involved in online marketing.  To make money, give something away free!  Yes, as I go back over my stats, I see that I always make more money when I give away free ebooks.

Free Ebook Example One

I'll give two examples here.  The first is an example of a free book that is designed to educate, promote, and inspire to purchase a single product.  Here is Adrian Cooper's 38 page Psychic Report in which he exposes the scams and frauds and tells you how to develop your own psychic abilities.

Developing Psychic Powers

Now every free product is ultimately designed to lead people to a related product that they can buy.  The Psychic Report does this in a powerful way by having people give their name and email in exchange for the free book.

I've sold many thousands of dollars worth of Adrian's Ultimate Reality Books and Mind Power Books, because he gives me something free to give my subscribers, and he follows up with them.  The Free Ebook (or Report) is free valuable content, and also encourages the reader to buy Adrian's other Mind Power and Psychic Books.

Free Ebook Example Two

The second example is a free ebook designed to promote many products.  This is the Free Version of my I Create Millions Money Mastery Method Book.  You can get it right here:

Free Money Ebook

What I did was contact my network of authors and manifesting professionals and ask them to write one or more Money Mastery Methods for my book.  Most did so, and so this work is a compilation from many authors. 

Then in the book, I linked from his or her chapter in my book to their own book or product on the web.  Not only that, but I coded each link so that I can now create a "branded" free ebook by personalizing each copy for anyone with a Clickbank affiliate link.

Get your Free Money Ebook right here and study the authors and links to see what I mean.

Free Money Ebook

It's always easier to sell a product when you have given somebody a sample! The supermarkets know this, right?  Just follow their example.  Giving away free ebooks is also a lot more fun.