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Valuable Links           

Google - The best search engine - fast and relevant

Amazon - The best place to shop for books, music, and just about anything

Weather - Search by zip code to learn the weather in your area

Snopes - Find out the truth of rumors, deals, virus warnings, etc.  Check here first

Mapquest - Find directions to anywhere from anywhere, or just get a map of a location

Free Resources for Everybody

Adobe Reader - Download the Adobe Reader for free

Create Free PDFs - Create up to five PDF documents absolutely free

Download Firefox - Use this browser and you will never go back to Internet Explorer

PayPal - One way to pay, store, receive, and transfer funds online

Currency Converter - Convert any kind of currency into another - useful and fast

Dictionary - Thesaurus and encyclopedia too.  Faster than pulling the dictionary off the shelf

Time Zone Converter - Find the time (or time difference) anywhere in the world easily

Movie Reviews - Find out here whether you want to go see it or not.  Free - just scroll to bottom

Movies for Inspiration

I Create Reality Movie - 3 1/2 minute movie on creating the life of your dreams

I Create Joy Movie - 4 1/2 minute movie on creating joy through the art of emotional transformation

Books and Articles for Increased Life

I Create Reality Book - Beyond Visualization.  How to create reality using holographic creation

I Create Joy Book - The art of emotional transformation.  How to transform painful emotions into joy

Holographic Time Book - Realms of joy and time of light.  How to live in holographic time

Raw Foods Book - The original Aloha Joy raw foods book

Potty Training Book - How to potty train your child in five hours

Cyborg Cash Book - How you can create unlimited income using mind psychology and the internet

Main Article Index - A wealth of free articles on physical, mental, spiritual, and financial health

Other Personal Power Resources

Our Ultimate Reality, by Adrian Cooper - a huge book covering all aspects of reality

Mind Power Studio - Create your own subliminal messages, and loads of other goodies

Signing For Babies, by Wendy Jensen - How to increase your child's communication abilities

Power of Positive Habits, by Dan Robey - How to completely change your habits for success

Mind Power Books, by Andreas Ohrt of Mind Power News - Powerful information for change

Killer Cover Graphics - This is where I get all those cool book covers and website graphics

Seven Day Ebook - This book taught me how to write ebooks, and Jim Edwards can teach you also

Lazy Man's Guide to Online Riches - Nothing about being lazy, just efficient, by Jim Edwards 

The Personal Power Course - by Wallace Wattles.  Ten lessons in Constructive Science

A Powerful Life - 25 extremely rare books and articles by Wallace Wattles on life, truth, and riches

Jesus, the Man and His Work - Long lost lecture by Wallace Wattles about Jesus and His life

The Science of Abundant Life - A set of three of the most powerful books ever written

Holosync Audio Technology - Get a Free Demo CD of the Centerpointe audio mind power soundtrack

Science of Getting Rich - For practical geniuses.  An online course where you set the tuition

Own Your Own Paycheck - The program for those who want to pay off all debts - the ideas work

Eyes of a Traveler - My friend John Terry's book on mind travel and remote viewing

Manifesting Money - CD sets, books and more by Energy Therapist Carol Tuttle

Search Nearly 2 Billion Names  - Learn who your mortal ancestors are - family links

Mind Power Books - One of the greatest collections of mind power books in the world

Audio Books - This site contains a number of audio ebooks you can get for a good price

Positive Parenting - Developing discipline without yelling, spanking, nagging, or time-outs

Be All You Already Are - Vibration, energy, and creating your reality.

Useful Phone Numbers 

Free Directory Assistance - 1-800-FREE-411 offers free directory assistance service

National Do Not Call Registry - get on the do not call list to stop telemarketers from calling (U.S.)

WebMaster Resources

Statcounter - One of the best free Statcounters for your website - totally invisible

Aweber Autoresponder - Try the very best autoresponder free for 30 days

Clickbank - Sign up here to sell your own products (or other people's) through the Clickbank system 

Keyword Selector Tool - Overture's search term tool.  This tells how many people search a word

Adwords Wrapper - Wrap your keywords for Google to increase visitors to your website

html Test Bed - Test your html code here before putting it on your page - super quick

GoogleHigh - Learn how to honestly get your website ranked high in Google

Ebook Covers - This is who I go to for my book covers and other web graphics

Common Abbreviations You Should Know

a.m. = ante meridian (before the noon)

p.m. = post meridian (after the noon)

AM (radio) = amplitude modulation

FM (radio) = frequency modulation

BC = Before Christ

AD = Anno Domini Nostri Jesu Christi (or simply Anno Domini) which means ""in the year of our Lord Jesus Christ."

AC = alternating current

DC = direct current

Computer Abbreviations You Should Know

html = hyper text markup language

http = hyper text transfer protocol

dos = data operating system

rss = really simple syndication

www = world wide web

ftp = file transfer protocol

ip = internet protocol

isp = internet service provider

pdf = portable document file (or format)

url = uniform resource locator

cd-rom = compact disk read only memory

cpu = central processing unit

lan = local area network

basic = beginner's all-purpose symbolic instruction code

cgi = common gateway interface

php = PHP Hypertext Preprocessor

ICANN = Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers

dns = domain name system

usb = universal serial bus

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