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Internet Profits, Cowboys, and Runners:  How You Can Make Profits Now

By Christopher Westra
I Create Millions:  87  Money Mastery Methods 

Here's a cowboy story about how to make internet profits.

Back when I used to run a lot of races, there was one wilderness race called a Ride & Tie. Each team consisted of one horse and  two runners. They would all start out together but soon the runner riding the horse would get ahead a couple of miles. Then that runner would tie up the horse and start running.

The second runner would catch up to the horse, climb on, and start riding, soon passing his teammate. Then he would tie up the horse, and start running. This went on until both runners (and the horse) crossed the finished line.

Some teams tried to teach cowboys to run, figuring cowboys already knew how to ride horses. Well, that was about as successful as mud. Other teams tried recruiting people who already knew how to run, and simply giving them a good horse to ride.

It turns out that giving a runner a few lessons on riding was lots easier than teaching a cowboy to run!

Well, I said there was a lesson, and here it is. You are runners, and I want to give you a horse to ride. I've created a new newsletter called the internet profits newsletter. It's really about all aspects of making money on the internet. You can sign up below.

You are a runner because you already know how to use the internet and email, and you have lots of virtual connections to other people throughout the world. Most of you have made online purchases, and many of you have websites. Some of you already sell products on the web.

This newsletter could be your horse to ride, giving you tips, trainings, and free branded books for you to give away to others!

The internet is continuing to grow, and if you are at all interested in an online business (even part time), then give my newsletter a try. This is one business where you can start small. I did!

If not, then just enjoy this I Create Wisdom Site, and I love you just the same. This internet profits newsletter will NOT be a daily newsletter, your information is totally safe, and you can unsubscribe if you don't find the tips and trainings to your liking.

You can get more info on the sign up page below.

It could be your horse to ride to internet profits.


P.S. The number of you who are interested in internet profits always amazes me. When you call for consultations, we often end up talking as much about internet marketing as creating our own reality.

Yes, the internet profits are nice, but the real fun is in the connecting. I really enjoy using the internet to connect to people throughout the world. You can enjoy it too! I'll share with you what I've learned over the last couple of years, and what I will learn in the future. Stay tuned by signing up below, and pick up your first "branded" book if you haven't got it already:

This is not a newsletter for everybody, only for those interested in making continual profits from internet marketing.  I make a full time living working on the web, and I love it!  You can learn from me - I'll share all my methods freely because I enjoy sharing and bringing Increased Life to all.

In the newsletter you will receive free ebooks, tips about how to brand ebooks and distribute them to create viral profits, and other internet marketing secrets.  You will also receive advance information about my future money-earning ebooks!  Simply enter your first name and email address below.

P.P.S  If you sign up right now, I'll send you a free book containing 34 Money Mastery Methods.  You can actually make money by giving away this ebook.  Just sign up above to learn how.


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