Top Ten Helps for Living Food Beginners

By Christopher Westra
How to Live the Aloha Joy Raw Food Diet 

By the term "living foods" I simply mean raw foods. For this brief article, they are the same.  I've eaten a 99 percent living food diet since February 2003 and it has transformed my life.

A lot of people make it too complicated.  Below I give you my top ten hints for beginners to raw and living foods.

1Enjoy Your Food.  I call my book the Aloha Joy Raw Food Diet and I mean it.  I would have been into living foods much earlier if I had seen a joyful example.  Living foods are a means to an end (health and joy), and not an end in itself.  Don't be so rigid about it, which leads to...

2Maintain Flexibility.  Learn the general "rules" of healthy eating.  Think in terms of "better than" rather than in terms of good and bad foods.  Follow all the rules most of the time.  Break every rule at least some of the time.  Be flexible with yourself.

3Eat A Wide Variety of Foods.  Have fun exploring new foods all the time.  When my wife and I went to Hawaii, I tried dozens of new fruits and vegetables.  Your health will increase as you live on hundreds of different food items rather than the typical 25 that most people limit themselves to.

Some of these new foods will become lifelong favorites!

4Use the Add-In Approach.  My book contains an entire chapter on this important mental shift.  Most people approach any diet with a "Cut-Out" approach, focusing on what they can't eat.  That's a scarcity mentality!  Just start adding in more living foods, always focusing on quality and nutrition and flavor.  The lower quality foods will simply drop out of your life.

5Respect Your Individuality.  Your unique body wants a unique diet, not a "perfect diet" claimed to be right for everyone.  Foods work differently for different people depending on age, climate, weather, digestive strength, exercise, beliefs, culture, and many other factors.  Your own needs will actually change over time.  

6Use the Sunfood Triangle.  The Sunfood Triangle helps immensely by simplifying living foods.  David Wolfe said that raw foods basically fall into three categories.  The categories include greens (leaves and sprouts), fruits, and raw plant fats (avocado, nuts, seeds, and oils).  Over time, keep the three categories in balance.  In my opinion, most raw foodists eat too much fruit and not enough greens or fats.

7Cultivate Motivation.  If you really desire a long term living food diet, then you must have many reasons why.  You must be connected with your purpose.  Read at least one book a month on living foods.  Attend support groups, raw food potlucks, or classes.  Find living food mentors who inspire you and help you when you have questions.  Remind yourself of the benefits as you track your progress.

8Eat High Quality Foods.  Foods differ greatly in quality.  You want the highest nutrition and vibration possible.  Explore superfoods and constantly try new ones.  Buy organic foods.  Find wild foods near you and harvest them yourself.  Wild foods contain tremendous potency that most people miss out on.  Grow your own food and improve your soil over time.

9Remember Patience.  You didn't grow the body you own now in one day.  You will experience some cleansing and detoxification.  I've heard that it takes one month of living food to cleanse the body for each year of cooked food.  This is probably a good general rule.  I started on living food at age 36 and I've been eating raw for about 32 months so I'm almost there!  

Be patient with yourself.  Always remember flexibility and joy.

10Just Begin.  Don't worry about eating 100 percent living foods.  I went 100 percent as a test because I wasn't healing well from an operation.  The first chapter in my book tells my story.

Just start adding in more living food each week.  Focus on high quality foods, even if some are cooked.  Another way to begin is to eat one meal a day of completely living food.  After a few months (or longer), try two meals a day of living food.

The benefits will come.  You have all the time in the world.  Just start!  Click Here for more Info ==> Aloha Joy Raw Food Diet


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