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Money Mastery Method 13 - Demonstrate Your Wealth with a Money Mantra

Idea by Mike Dooley
Infinite Possibilities

"There was a point in my life when money was extremely tight. I was launching my first business and while my reserves were dwindling, nothing was coming in. I wasn't a vegetarian back then, so to keep expenses down my daily staple was a pot of stew I would make weekly from the cheapest ground beef.  Apart from a few occasional, periodic splurges, acts of faith, I squeezed every penny.

Around the 2 year mark of being self employed, the money really started coming in - finally! And one of the first things I noticed about my changed behavior was my carefree spending in the grocery store. 

Whatever I wanted I bought, anything. Usually the most expensive version, too. And on my weekly spending sprees in the aisles of the grocery store I would sometimes, out of habit, fall back into my old miser ways, at which point I would then tell myself, "It's OK, the money's coming in now." This became an accidental mantra of mine as I was going through the transition of broke to abundance.

There were, however still some challenging times ahead, some lean months when sales abruptly dipped with no guarantee they'd resume, and again the inner pull was to cut back on all spending. 

Yet, with what I had already experienced, the momentum and self-confidence from my earlier successes, and knowing the importance of demonstrations (and words), I never let me self go back to my old thought patterns. 

Instead, I'd forcibly crank up my accidental mantra, feel the words and remember the feeling of carefree spending, while telling myself (even though evidence was once again lacking), "It's OK, the money's coming in now... the money's coming in now... It's OK, the money's coming in now... " And gradually, always, sometimes quicker than other times, the money would start coming in again."

Note from Christopher - Mike has many stories and methods of "demonstrating" his wealth and abundance with concrete sayings and practices.  He provides a free newsletter called Notes from the Universe, that is witty, fun, and helpful.

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