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Money Mastery Method 16- Give True Value by Creating Wealth

By Christopher Westra
The Harmony Earth 30 Day Energy Diet

If you want people to give you money, then you need to give them something valuable in return.  Otherwise, why would they want to give you money?

This point seems rather obvious, but many people honestly do not understand it.  They want to become wealthy, yet have no valuable product to sell.  

There are many ways to create wealth.  Craftsmen do it all the time by taking raw materials and producing an item that people will pay money for.  

Why do people pay money for any item?  People choose to spend money on things that will increase their life in some way.  People buy things that save them time, make them more comfortable, or more beautiful.  

Wealthy people think in terms of giving value to others.  They know that they must provide true value to hundreds and thousands of people in order to get the money they want.  So start thinking like a rich person, if you don't already.  What can you obtain or create that you can sell to others?  You need an item that truly benefits others.

I remember when I started thinking this way in my business, and my business really took off.  I create books, with information that will enrich the lives of others.  People willingly exchange their cash for my books because they think the information is worth more than the asking price.

I have to deliver value, because anyone can ask for a refund if they don't agree that they received more than they paid.  

So shift your thinking from, "How can I get money?" to "How can I give value to others?"


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