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Money Mastery Method 2 - The Art of Leaving Money Around

By Christopher Westra
Author: I Create Reality - Beyond Visualization  

Here's another one of my money mastery methods. Simply start leaving money around. I have a bulletin board above my desk, and Ben Franklin is looking down at me from the $100 bill that is tacked up there.

It's been there for months and months and will stay right there. This is a powerful message to my subconscious mind. Putting money aside in places where you keep running into it and seeing it tells you that you have it!

Leave a $20 bill where you keep your keys or wallet and just keep it there all the time. Put another one in the kitchen where you prepare your meals. Put a $50 by your nightstand and just see it every night.

You are not worshiping money. It's just money. You are breaking the "lack mentality" habit of always spending every dollar you have.

This is a powerful money mastery method - try it.

When you see the money, say to yourself, "Wow, I have money stashed all over the place. It feels good to save and to have money." 

Leaving money around also takes away the emotional "charge" that many people have about money. Many have a love/hate relationship with money.

Yes, they say they want money, but they are really afraid of it also. The idea of having money, and even seeing it, scares them.

Leaving money around cures this, and allow money to be "just money".

Occasionally move the money around, just like you would move any other household item. Lay it here, or post it over there for a while. Get comfortable with it!



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