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Money Mastery Method 23- Know Your Reasons for Wanting Money

By Christopher Westra
I Create Reality - Beyond Visualization

Wealthy people know why they want money.  They almost always have very specific reasons and purposes, and these reasons are written down.

Some people who were not rich were once asked why they wanted money.  Many replied, "So I won't have to work!"  How many wealthy people do you know who don't work?  I don't know any.  In fact, the rich people I know work extremely hard, much more than those who don't have money.  

So, write down your reasons for wanting money.  Go ahead and list them right here, or on a sheet of paper.









See if you can come up with ten specific reasons.  The more reasons you have, the better, because you probably also have some underlying reasons for not wanting money.  We will explore not wanting money in another article.

My reasons for wanting money are so I can more effectively:

Channel God's light and abundance to all,
Bless the world with truth and love,
Use my energy to bless my family and others,
Teach my children about universal joy and safety,
Do what makes my heart sing,
Commune more with nature by traveling the world,
Live in a lighter energy field,
Harmonize with the earth and her energies,
Increase life, health, and joy to all,
Study, ponder, pray, and learn, and
Fulfill my mission in this dimension.

I want money so I have time to read, study, write, and share.  I want money so I can buy the best foods and travel and enjoy this beautiful earth.

Just start doing the things you really want to do.  You can do anything you want now, even if you have to start in a small way.  Spend more time with your family now. Take more leisure time now.  Read more, or travel more.  Go straight for what you want, and the money will come to help you along to do it more.  Don't wait - act now.  There is no future, there is only the present moment.

Gain clarity into your real reasons for wanting money.  Be as honest as you can, and you will grow in mind and spirit. 



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