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Money Mastery Method 25- Go For Money Freedom and Joy

By Adrian Cooper
Our Ultimate Reality

This method stems from my friend Adrian Cooper, who authored one of the longest ebooks in the world.  His best-seller "Our Ultimate Reality" is over 600 pages long!

His writing always leads me to search towards the eternal.  Here is what he says about money.

"Very few people achieve true 'money' freedom, and even those that do are very often not at all happy, fulfilled or joyous about their situation simply because they felt compelled to 'make' their money at a very physical level, often attracting much misery in the process, both to themselves and to others.

'Making money' is not the same as 'attracting wealth', abundance and the resultant true emotional freedom, joy and fulfillment."

Seek for the spiritual and emotional wealth that you truly desire, which includes meaningful and healthy relationships with your loved ones.

Don't push away the real happiness right in front of you in a vain search for 'money'.

Note from Christopher - Recognizing the emotions that we really desire is a great reminder for me.  So often, we can go straight to the emotion we want.  The money is nice, but money won't allow us to feel what we want.

Adrian is the author of Our Ultimate Reality, and also Mind Power Studio and a complete set of Mind Power Books.  He has the knack of finding the best books that have inspired millions, and letting you know how these books will enrich your life.