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Money Mastery Method 28 - Play The $100 Bill Game

By Carol Tuttle
Creating Money

This simple technique will change your limiting beliefs and flow with money. Use this technique to open new avenues of money to flow to you.

If someone were to ask you, “Do you have any money?” What would be your most common response? If it is frequently “No,” then you are telling your subconscious mind you have no money and you will continue to have no money. Always carry money in your wallet or billfold. Always be able to answer, “Yes, I have money. I have plenty of money.” That is the message that will help you create more money.

Whenever you spend money, notice how you feel. If you feel uncomfortable and nervous because you are worried that the money you are spending might not be replaced, the signal you are sending out is one of lack and lack will be returned to you.

When you spend money, create a positive, peaceful feeling and trust that as you spend money you create a vacuum for more money to come into your life. Always stay within your current means of income and at the same time create a vibration of prosperity to create more coming in the future. Every time you pay your bills, be in the energy of gratitude that you have creditors that trust you and offer you their services. Acquire sound money-management skills to assist you in staying in integrity with your money.

When you communicate about money, do you talk about not having enough and focus your words on lack and struggle with money? Notice your communication patterns with money and choose to speak positively and reference your state of abundance with money. Do you trust your family members and perceive them as capable and competent when it comes to spending money? Or do you fear that they will create debt and spend more than you have so you need to control them? Create perceptions and language that reflect a state of prosperity consciousness rather than poverty consciousness.

The Universe does not know your bank account status; it only reads the signals you are feeding it. So create a vibration of wealth by playing the following game:

Pretend you have an unlimited supply of $100 dollar bills in your wallet. Every time you spend a $100 dollar bill, imagine another one magically replacing it. Throughout your day, think of the many things you could spend that $100 dollars on. Act as if you are spending it over and over and over. Rejoice and have fun with all the things you could buy, all the people you could share it with, and all the experiences you could create. As you do this you will send out a vibration of wealth and prosperity that will assist you in creating more wealth.

As you shift into a vibration of prosperity consciousness, you will create and attract new avenues and opportunities for more money to come into your life. Money is a resource that God has given us to bless our lives—not to interfere with our daily happiness. If you are creating your experience with money as a negative distraction, choose to clean it up.

Create money to be like your experience with air: something you know there is plenty of for you and everyone else. Money, like air, is a resource to assist you in creating and sustaining a life of joy and happiness. You never worry about air, you just trust and let it be there for you. Stop worrying about money and start trusting that you will be provided for and trust that you will make choices and manage it in a way that blesses your life.

Note from Christopher:

Carol went through the experience of "not having money" and created this technique and many more to benefit herself and others.  Receive the benefit of her experience.

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