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Money Mastery Method 30 - Make Meta Decisions

By Christopher Westra
I Create Joy - The Art of Emotional Transformation

The word "meta" means beyond, transcending, or more comprehensive. Thus meta-physics is above, beyond, or more than physics.

Meta-communication is higher than and better than regular communication.

Wealthy people make meta-decisions. Meta-decisions will influence your life for months and years, not just the next 20 minutes. Meta-decisions require commitment.

Deciding to read to my boys one time is a decision. When I made a decision that I would read to my boys every workday from 7:40 to 8:00, that was a Meta-Decision!

Choosing to work out once is a great choice. Deciding to become a Black Belt in the Martial Arts was a Meta-Decision.

Building a sandpile is a nice project. Deciding to build my own home was a Meta-Decision.

Deciding to write an article is a fun way to spend an hour. Committing to build my own home business was a Meta-Decision.

Review your life for impactful decisions which really improved your happiness and well being, and then start committing to more meta-decisions.

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