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Money Mastery Method 31 - Use Your Whole (Holographic) Brain

By Christopher Westra
How to Live in Holographic Time

Wealthy people use their whole brain in an integrated fashion.  My book on holographic creation describes more about how to do this.  However, there is another tool that I use and recommend, and you can get a demo CD absolutely free!

The word holographic comes from the word whole. The fascinating feature 
about a hologram is its wholeness and its inability to be divided into parts. 

The human brain can be used in a whole, holistic, or holographic way, 
or it can be used in a partial, unbalanced, or fragmented way. 
Unfortunately, in our world at present, using our brains in an 
unbalanced and fragmented way seems to be the common experience.

Brain performance is so important because the quality of your entire life 
can be transformed if you change your brain functioning. Most of life's 
illusions, difficulties, and limitations are directly related to unbalanced 
brain function.

What results do we get from the fragmented linear brain?

Because of the fragmentation of our consciousness due to dividing it into 
past, present, and future selves, we actually start to believe that we are a 
victim. Most people actually believe that their present condition is caused 
by the people and events around them. 

The whole issue of causality (and thus blame) is a result of linear time and linear thinking.  You can choose to live in holographic time instead.

When we play the victim role, we experience fear, anxiety, depression, 
procrastination, need for approval, difficulty in making decisions, inability 
to know what we really want, and many other ineffective feelings and 

We lack confidence, engage in compulsive behaviors for temporary relief 
from tension and anxiety, and lack general direction in our life.

So imagine my excitement when I found out about a brain enhancing 
technology that promised to address all these issues not at the surface, 
but at the very rock bottom cause!

I became even more intrigued when I found out this brain technology used 
a holographic model for explanation. As you can tell from my books, the 
holographic model of reality has been a center point for my thinking, 
writing, and personal growth. 

This technology is called The Holosync Solution.  I use it nearly every day.  It's simply a CD that you listen to, yet it produces the same benefits as advanced meditation.  These benefits include peace, awareness, clarity, and holographic brain function.  All of these benefits directly translate into increased wealth in your life as well because you take full responsibility for creating your reality.


P.S. The Holosync soundtracks synchronize the two hemispheres of your brain.  You can get a free demo Holosync CD by simply requesting one below.  

Holosync Solution Free CD

Just click on "Free Demo" when you get to the site.

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