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Money Mastery Method 32 - Expand the Thresholds of Your Mind

By Christopher Westra
I Create Reality - Beyond Visualization

As I mentioned in the introduction to these money mastery methods, wealth creation is all in the mind.  Therefore, if you expand your mind, you expand your money mastery!

I'm going to tell you about a book that explains more than any other book how personal growth and mind expansion really occurs.  When I read this book, I told my wife, "This is foundational - this explains why other self 
development programs work or don't work. This is like a key that ties them 
all together under a common model".

Bill Harris is the developer of The Holosync Solution and the founder and 
president of the Centerpointe Research Institute. I haven't met Bill in person 
yet but I plan to. He is definitely the driving force behind Holosync and still 
personally involved in the promotion of mental and spiritual growth throughout the world.

A couple of weeks after starting the Holosync program I received a gift in the mail - a free book from Bill Harris in the mail. I love great customer service!

The book is called Thresholds of the Mind, and for the past years 
I've been enjoying the book, the materials, and the Holosync audio disks. 
I've been involved in personal growth since I was a teenager, and can say 
that Bill's model for human change is phenomenal!  

You can get this book as you get involved with Holosync.

As soon as I tried the free demo soundtrack from their website, I knew this 
was something I wanted to be involved in. In fact, I listened to the free demo 
everyday until my package came. I ordered even before I knew everything 
about Holosync, and became more and more impressed as I read all the 
materials and research that support the Holysync Solution.

The Holosync sound technology stimulates brain growth, balance, and 
synchronization between the two hemispheres. It enables you to use 
your whole brain as intended, instead of using the brain in a fragmented 
way. Holosync is holographic synchronization of the brain!

The compact discs (or tapes) lead the listener into the deeper alpha, theta, 
and delta brain wave patterns. These states of extremely deep meditation 
are usually only experienced by those meditating many hours a day for 
many years. The stimulus given to the brain causes a dramatic acceleration 
of mental, emotional, and spiritual growth.

In a brief explanation, Bill Harris writes:

"To handle the Holosync stimulus and the deep meditative states it creates, 
the brain is pushed to create neural pathways between the left and right 
brain hemispheres, creating greater balance and greater communication 
within the brain. In the process, Holosync pushes your emotional threshold 
higher and higher, causing so-called dysfunctional feelings and behaviors,
including anger, fear, anxiety, depression, substance abuse, overeating 
(and many others) to fall away."

The book "Thresholds of the Mind" expands on these ideas further.

He uses an analogy about running that really appeals to me. I'm a runner, 
so I understand this well. A runner begins with a certain threshold of what 
he can handle physically. But with repeated training (by running every day), 
he can raise this threshold until what was once impossible becomes doable and even easy.

A couple of years ago I ran a fifteen mile mountain race that really taxed my 
threshold. It took quite a few days to recover completely as my body 
reorganized at a higher level of performance. Two weeks after that race I 
took first place in a 5K race, and missed breaking the course record by 
only one second.

The Holosync soundtracks raise the threshold of what you can handle 
emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. This translates into real life benefits and changes that you will notice!


P.S.  Get your free demo CD right here and start raising the threshold of your mind today.  As your dysfunctional feelings and behaviors fall away, your ability to attract wealth increases dramatically.

Holosync Solution

As a side benefit, you increase your awareness about so many things.