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Money Mastery Method 35 - Follow the Ten Laws of Goals

By Christopher Westra
I Create Reality - Beyond Visualization

Do you want to master money?  Then learn to set goals.  Goal centered living is a source of enthusiasm, energy, and happiness.  You motivate yourself when you want something strongly enough.

Most of the unhappiness in the world is experienced by people who don't know where they are going because they haven't set any goals.  Spend time every day deciding on your goals and then reviewing them.  Always seek newer and better ways of achieving your goals.  The ten laws of goals are printed here start you out.

1.  Setting goals is the master practice in a successful life.  Setting goals takes focused effort.  That's why only winners set goals.  With holographic creation, you must set goals in order to know what to create.  You will only earn what you decide to earn.

2.  Goals must be in line with your basic values.  You must know what your values are.  What is important to you?  What are you willing to fight for?  What are you willing to die for?

3.  Your goals must be in writing.  The process of writing clarifies your thought.  Writing down goals programs your subconscious mind to achieve them.  As you write, the goals become more detailed and real.  This sets up a field of vibration that attracts the people, situations, and resources you need to fulfill your dreams.

4.  You must have a Major Definite Purpose.  This is your major goal, one more important than the others.  To find your major definite purpose, ask yourself these questions.  What goal would help move me rapidly toward all my other goals?  What goal will help me in every area of my life?  Your Major Definite Purpose must be measurable.

5.  You must know and write your reasons for wanting to achieve your goals.  Many people have vague wishes and desires, but not concrete goals with reasons for achieving them.  The more reasons you have for accomplishing a goal, the more power and motivation you will have to achieve it.

6.  Goals must be challenging, yet believable and achievable.  Set goals that will move you beyond what you have ever done before.

7.  Make detailed plans to achieve your goals.  Write down monthly, weekly, and daily steps you need to take to achieve your goals.  Define your goals in terms of action steps required to make them a reality.

8.  Write (and visualize) your goals as if they were already achieved.  Write I am, I do, and I earn, not I will be, I want, or I hope.  Even more importantly, see yourself in your minds eye as actually being, doing, and having what your goals state.  This is the power of holographic creation.  Experiencing your goals as they are already realized brings into play the law of attraction.  The law of attraction allows the world to conform to the reality in your mind.

9.  Remember the two laws of goal achievement.  The first law is that you must always pay full price for achieving what you want.  The second law is that you must always pay in advance.  Stop looking for shortcuts and go to work - mentally and physically.

10.  Take daily steps toward accomplishing your goals.  Everyone fears failure.  So what!  Confront your fears and doubts and overcome them by making daily progress on your major goals.  

These are the ten laws of goals I've used in my life.  Remember that happiness is the progressive realization of a worthy goal!  



Christopher is the author of I Create Reality - Beyond Visualization:  How You Can Use Holographic Creation to Manifest Your Desires.

I Create Reality teaches you how to use your mind's eye to literally create holographic images that seek to materialize into physical existence.  This allows you to create the life of your dreams with focused thought.