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Money Mastery Method 36 - Know the Five Goal Areas

By Christopher Westra
I Create Reality - Beyond Visualization

Yes, you want to set financial goals.  However, you want to be balanced and set goals in the other areas also.  Mastering money and making millions is only a means to an end.  You really want love and happiness.

You can find many ways of dividing up goals.  Some recommend setting physical, spiritual, mental, and financial goals.  Here is a simple way that I developed, and it's easy to remember because of the GOALS acronym!

Giving Goals
Occupation/Career Goals
Adventure/Fun Goals
Life Improvement Goals
Spiritual/Family Goals

I suggest coming up with 20 goals in each of the five areas to guide you over the course of your life.  This makes 100 goals.  Your life will be different, and more productive, if you do this.  The ten years in the future exercise in money mastery method 35 will set the stage for this one.

Then each year I take one goal in each area that I'm absolutely committed to accomplish that year.  This gives me five challenging goals each year, and keeps me well rounded.  I'll explain just a bit more about each area.

1.  Giving goals.  This can be anything to help others.  Donate time and money.  Teach children.  Coach youth teams.  Volunteer at the soup kitchen.  Read to the blind.  Do something that increases light and life for others.

2.  Occupation/Career goals.  These can be anything you want that is related to your vocation.  Take a course in selling.  Read some books.  Complete that extra project.  Start the website.  Learn a computer language.  Go back to school and get that next degree.  Start your own business.  Become financially independent.

3.  Adventure/Fun goals.  This area really is fun.  What do you want to do in life?  Travel to China and see the great wall.  Vacation to at least one country each year.  Get a hot tub.  Buy a timeshare.  Build your own hovercraft.  Hike the Pacific Crest Trail.  Go on a safari.  Get a massage.

4.  Life Improvement goals.  These goals include things you want to achieve just for yourself.  Trim down and start a regular exercise program.  Take a class on healthy cooking.  Learn to paint, or do crafts.  Learn a new language.   Increase your flexibility.  Start meditating.  Read 15 classic books each year.

5.  Spiritual/Family goals.  Do you want to spend more time with your children?  Have regular dates with your spouse.  Get closer to God.  Read some books on the nature of the universe and the meaning of life.  Develop more patience.  Compliment your children, and take them on outings.  Pursue a spiritual path.

I promise that if you use these five areas, and get very specific, that you will add meaning to your life.  The reason you want to get rich is to have a fuller and more expansive life.  So write out some goals in each area.



Christopher is the author of I Create Reality - Beyond Visualization:  How You Can Use Holographic Creation to Manifest Your Desires.

I Create Reality teaches you how to use your mind's eye to literally create holographic images that seek to materialize into physical existence.  This allows you to create the life of your dreams with focused thought.