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Money Mastery Method 38 - Earn Interest, Don't Pay It

By Christopher Westra
I Create Reality - Beyond Visualization

The best definition of interest is the following:

Those who understand it, earn it
Those who don't understand it, pay it!

These words contain a lot of truth.  Most people really don't understand interest.  Hopefully you read the previous money mastery method on royalties.  Interest is also a royalty.  Many millionaires became rich because of interest income alone.  You can do it, you just have to be patient.

People pay you for the use of your money, and you get to keep the money you let them use.  You receive residual income, even when you aren't working.  Money is simply another form of property (like land or intellectual property) that is valuable to use, even though the original owner retains all rights to the property.

With each passing day I pay less interest, and earn more.  Follow this example starting right now, even if you start small.  Incremental actions bring monumental results!



Christopher is the author of I Create Reality - Beyond Visualization:  How You Can Use Holographic Creation to Manifest Your Desires.

I Create Reality teaches you how to use your mind's eye to literally create holographic images that seek to materialize into physical existence.  This allows you to create the life of your dreams with focused thought.