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Money Mastery Method 5 - Creating an Abundance Check

Idea by Barry Goss
Creator and Author:  Wealth Vault

This money mastery method is from Barry at Manifest Life, who heard it from one of his manifesting mentors, Mentor #6, featured inside his book "Conversations With the World's Top Manifesting Mentors, Vol 1"

"Take a blank check out of your checkbook and on the date line write down a date in the future (ensure it's out far enough to be comfortable).

Make the check out to yourself for the amount of money you wish to manifest. Make it a very large amount yet not too much that you cannot imagine the feeling of receiving it. 

Sign the check "Gift from The Universe" and in the memo area write "Just for being YOU". Put the check in your wallet and carry it around with you wherever you go. It will instantly start to attract more money to you! 

This exercise has worked wonders for many of this mentor's 
clients. Mentor #6's clients have attracted more clients to their business, and received miraculous monetary gifts out of the blue!"

Barry Goss is the originator of the Wealth Vault, probably the most complete website on practical money protection and earning.

Note from Christopher - I've used this abundance check method myself. Many of the richest people in the world have done something very similar before manifesting their abundant life.  It takes bold action and confidence.  Do it!