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Money Mastery Method 8 - Always Carry Cash

Idea by Tony Mase
The Personal Power Course 

"Not long ago, I came across a survey in which people were
asked how much cash they had on them right now.

Some sixty-percent of this survey's respondents said they
had less than $20.00 in cash on them; some twenty-percent of them said they had less than $5.00 in cash on them.

If you want financial abundance and prosperity in your life,
it's absolutely necessary for you to "feel" financially abundant and prosperous right now.

Quite frankly, it's real difficult to feel financially abundant and prosperous when you're constantly walking around broke.

It's even more difficult to feel financially abundant and
prosperous if every single time you walk into a store to buy
something, you worry about whether or not you have enough
money on you to buy what you want…


Even worse…

You worry about suffering the embarrassing consequences if
you don't.

My advice…

Always carry heavy!

Take the next few hundred dollars you earn and put it in
your pocket, not the bank.

It'll feel much better in your pocket than it will in the
bank and it'll help you develop and maintain the state of
mind that's absolutely necessary for you to attract
financial abundance and prosperity into your life."

Note from Christopher - Always carrying cash is one money mastery method that I adopted years ago, and it is one of my favorite!  It feels so good to always have several hundred dollars with me. 

My friend Tony Mase developed The Personal Power Course, ten simple lessons in Constructive Science, teaching you how to use your own sub-conscious energies for health, prosperity and personal achievement.