Developing Psychic Powers - Get Free 38 Page Expose on How the Frauds Deceive You

By Christopher Westra, Developer of Free Money Ebook

Yes, you and everyone else does have true psychic abilities, but wait until you read this shocking expose!

My good friend Adrian Cooper, author of Our Ultimate Reality, is a specialist in psychic phenomena.  You can get a free 38 page report he just finished that tells how people are scammed.  Get yours right here:

Developing Psychic Powers

He describes this multi-billion dollar business and how money and profit dominate rather than the desire to truly help people connect through time and space.  Learn the truth about crystal gazing, telekinesis, and psychomancy.

Because of my degree and background in psychology, I found his report fascinating, and shared with my wife some of the sneaky techniques the psychic frauds use to fool innocent people.

This report describes how these telephone and scam psychics appeal to your ego, and how they make statements that could easily apply to anyone. Get the details in your report:

Adrian wants people to be able to develop their own psychic abilities, and to keep them from being taken advantage of by frauds.

The good news is that every single person has natural, latent psychic powers that can be easily developed, as the universe intended, for your own use.

I don't really like the word 'psychic' because of all the negative meanings that often are associated with mediums and clairvoyance.  But I believe strongly in spiritual communication across the "veil".


P.S. Please get this free report so you can see what goes on behind the scenes, and avoid being tricked yourself.

Note - I've read every word of Adrian's 38 page report over the last few evenings and it's really opened my eyes.

Developing Psychic Powers