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Ten Benefits from The Science of Getting Rich (Free Book Too)

By Christopher Westra
Author: I Create Reality - Beyond Visualization  

Here are ten benefits you will gain from reading one of the best books in the entire world - The Science of Getting Rich.  Get the book free below.

OneChange your unproductive beliefs.  Many have grown up with the belief that riches promote evil, and that they don't deserve riches.  This book destroys such nonsense.  Everyone deserves abundance and wealth.  Scarcity exists in our minds only.

TwoImprove your relationships.  When you change into a whole, confident person from a fragmented anxiety prone person, all your relationships improve automatically.  You can be a better parent and a better spouse.

Three.  Have more fun in life.  Yes, with this perspective on life, You can actually enjoy life more. You understand the purpose of life.  You can accept challenges, relationships, and riches.

FourBalance your life activities.  Wallace Wattles teaches that we live for the body, for the mind, and for the soul.  Any of these taken to excess is unproductive.  He tells you how to balance these three. 

FiveExplode your possibilities!  Out of thousands of books, this one changed my life most powerfully in the shortest amount of time.  As I read the entire book in one sitting, the possibilities for what I wanted to accomplish radically changed.  The universe shifted and I felt it!  

Without The Science of Getting Rich, I never would have written my books, created my business, learned to create websites, or traveled to Hawaii.

SixRaise your confidence level.  You can easily act boldly and confidently when you really know that God wants good things for you.  The entire universe cooperates with your goals and purposes when you really want increased life for all people.

Seven.  Act powerfully and efficiently.  You will learn how to put power and intensity into your actions.  He calls this acting in the certain way, and acting in that certain way brings you into harmony with the divine power.

EightEnjoy oneness and clarity.  Wallace Wattles was way ahead of his time in teaching that all things are really one.  The universe is made of a conscious thinking substance that responds to our thoughts.  This book also influenced the writing of my own book I Create Reality - Beyond Visualization

NineExpand your mind.  Some of the ideas in this book will cause you to question your prior beliefs.  Keep reading.  You'll be glad you did when the changes start to flow in your life.  Reading this book will not just expand your mind, but train your mind - into a more focused and powerful tool!

Ten.  Grow very rich.  Yes, the book is called The Science of Getting Rich, and it does present the scientific steps to getting rich.  I followed the steps, and doubled and tripled my income.

Millionaire Harv Eker says that your income will grow only to the extent that you do.  He's right, and that's why this book is powerful - it helps you to grow.  The book is 118 pages, and easy to read online if you don't want to print it.  

If you want to read the book right now, I'm giving you a copy absolutely free.  Just "right click" on the link below, and save to your desktop.

The Science of Getting Rich

Note - This version is a very special copy from my friend Tony Mase, and has some extra items that make it more useful.  There are five extras.  One appendix is about Wallace Wattles himself, and another is an eight step formula for getting the most out of this book.

You also learn at the end of the book about other books by Wallace Wattles.  He also wrote about happiness in marriage, and his thoughts are right on the money.  I just finished reading "A Powerful Life" and really enjoyed it.

Read this book again and again.  I have, and that's why I recommend it so highly.  If you'd like, you can have a free copy of Your Invisible Power, by Genevieve Behrend.  Your Invisible Power is a Mind Power Classic also!




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