Why Suicide is Not Painless

By Christopher Westra
I Create Reality - Beyond Visualization

The theme song from the hit TV series MASH is called "Suicide is Painless".

Nothing could be further from the truth.  

Suicide is certainly painful for all those loved ones left here in this mortal sphere.  Suicide is also not a "way out" from anything.

If you are considering suicide, you will have all your problems even without your body.  You are an eternal being. 

You are made of light and truth, and have been granted your independence.  Certainly you can choose what to do.

I'm thinking of so many reasons to choose life, but the major reason is simply that if you force your spirit out of your body, you still exist!  We are all here in mortality for a reason, and the difficulties and obstacles are a part of that experience.

If we shortchange our life by cutting it short, we have to learn our lessons in other ways.  I believe those other ways may be even more painful.  

In short - suicide is not painless.  For more about who you really are, go to:

Perspectives On Suicide and Life

Dr. Raymond Moody, who wrote the hallmark book Life after Life, remarked that he found near death experiences with suicide to be unpleasant.  

One woman said, "If you leave here a tormented soul, you will be a tormented soul over there too."

The conflicts they were trying to escape were still there when they died, but with added complications.

Out of all the people who have had near death experiences, none are afraid to die.  Yet also, none would consider suicide as a means of getting to the spirit world.




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