How to Use Holographic Creation to Co-Create a Better World

By Christopher Westra
Author: I Create Reality - Beyond Visualization  

These are five questions that were asked of me in an email recently.  These are tough questions, but I do have some thoughts.  I'll try and keep it very short.

"Hello Chris

I know you probably can't answer my questions directly, but probably many others would like the answers to these questions as well, so please send out your reply to these questions in your email newsletters.

There are many that I am in contact with that would like these questions answered, so I am not alone in wanting some answers.


OneWith the government eroding our civil rights at every turn, how do we overcome the actual usurping of our rights and create a different outcome?

Response.  First, we are eternal beings.  We are in this earth sphere temporarily to learn certain lessons.  The material surroundings and political climate aren't as important as we think they are.  When Jesus was here, people wanted him to be upset at Roman rule, and fight against it.  He wasn't concerned about that, but about the inner reality.

Second, talking about a "different" outcome already assumes that you expect a certain outcome.  People who live in a victim mentality create victimizers.  You can't have one without the other.  Paranoid people create persecutors.  When everybody stops needing to feel oppressed, the oppressors will disappear!

It's a bit oversimplified here, but you create a different reality by expecting one, and then working toward it.  You can't just want a different reality, you have to expect it.  This involves being truly grateful for it in advance, and feeling the changes in your being right now.

Concrete Example:  My wife and I home school our children.  Some home schoolers expect to be shunned and persecuted by others, and they find that they are.  I expect that we will be loved and accepted by our friends and neighbors, and we are.  This happens because of the holographic images we create, and the way we act with others (defensive or confident, etc.).

TwoAt what point does the tide turn and the "hundredth monkey" take effect?

First Response.  For those not familiar, the Hundredth Monkey idea came from a book by Ken Keyes.  The story is based on research with monkeys on a Japanese Island.  Whether the original story is true or not, I don't know, but the concept is valid.

The main idea is that when enough individuals in a population adopt a new idea or behavior, there occurs an ideological breakthrough that allows this new awareness to be communicated directly from mind to mind.  I would say that the idea is communicated from the holographic reality to individual minds.

When enough people see the world in a new way, then it becomes easier for other people to "spontaneously" see the world in that new way also.  Now this is true, but it does depend on age, culture, and resistance or acceptance of new ideas.

There are several instances of simultaneous inventions.  Two inventors who don't know each other both develop a very similar invention based on accessing the holographic reality.  

After I wrote my book on Creating Reality, people constantly asked me if I had read this book and that book, based on similarity.  Most of the time, I haven't even heard of the book.  The ideas I wrote about came from the holographic universe, or the pure realm of intelligence. 

Second Response.  You don't need to know if and when this phenomenon will take effect.  You just create your reality, expect light, love, and abundance for all, and work toward this will all your heart.  Do what is right, let the consequence follow.  Your energies of thought creation (holographic creation) will influence others for good.

Ask yourself, "If everyone thought the same way I do, what type of world would this be?"  Change your habits of thought if needed!

ThreeDo we all need to agree on the "different" outcome in order to bring it about? (Do all our details need to be the same, or just a general outline)?

Quick Response.  Just a general outline.  If 100 people are shipwrecked on a deserted isle, they decide together to create a heaven or hell on that island.  If the strongest minds truly expect to get along and survive wonderfully, they will do this even if the details in each mind are different.  

The majority of people do not use their mind power in a focused way.  They simply "buy into" the reality (holographic patterns) of others.  When I was twenty years old, I did this also.  Now I know the intelligent substance of the universe can be shaped by my thoughts.

FourHow do we overcome the tendency to believe the 3-D "reality"?

Response.  Very good question!  You overcome this tendency with imagination, practice, and focused effort.  Manifesting is a skill, and using your imagination powerfully will transform your life.  Anything you consistently do, you get better at.

My holographic creation sheet is just such a focusing tool.

FiveIs there really anything we can DO to help bring about a "different" outcome?

Response.  Of Course!!  Every thought we think shapes the universe one way or the other.  But don't just sit and think - you must follow up your holographic creation with powerful focused action.  Every one of you - choose today to make the world a better place!

In Summary:  We don't create what we want by fighting against its opposite.  We can't create health by studying disease and focusing on disease.  We create health by focusing on health and expecting it.

We don't create righteousness by focusing on sin, and we don't create abundance by fighting poverty.  That's ridiculous.  We create reality by focusing on the reality we want to create!!

Note - on the holographic creation sheet, there are four areas that you fill out daily.  One of these areas is holographic creation for others.  At least one fourth of your daily mental creation is to create a better world!


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